Saturday, April 18, 2020

Feeling Down

Every day I check the Coronavirus numbers in Poland and although our numbers continue to grow they grow by smaller percentages each week. The Polish government has clearly been seeing the declining trend, too, and starting on 20 April we will be able to start going out for recreational reasons, so long as we keep our distance and cover our faces. The government has also identified their four-stage plan for lifting restrictions, even though they aren't ready to give dates for each stage going into effect. Fingers crossed that we get to the borders opening up in time for my parents to visit in June!

Although I am very excited to be allowed to go for casual walks again, we'll be in the house most of the time for the continuing foreseeable future. We try to find novel things to fill our time with and to give distinction to each day. Our house has mostly been filled with baking and living room workouts and watching Gourmet Makes. Cameron finds endless joy in his sourdough starter. In the last week we've had sourdough bread, coffee cake, crepes, and crackers. Outside of the sourdough world I've made apple muffins and cowboy cookies and Cameron made his first pavlova.

To work it all off we've been relying on Peloton workouts and running back and forth on the 0.15km utility road behind our apartment. Somehow Cameron managed to run back-and-forth on that thing for an hour; I only lasted about 13 minutes before I got bored (read: winded). Even with our new yoga mats and abundant energy, I have to admit, it's my watch tracking my activity that's keeping me working out every day. For the days that I can't motivate myself to do a formal workout I turn on an episode of Community and do suicides across the living room floor.

This week did have some unique highlights. For one, I started an online Polish class! The Zoom classroom definitely adds some unique challenges and there's something about looking at tiny squares of people for three hours that just fatigues my eyes so badly, but I'm excited to have a place to try my tongue at this language again without the embarrassment of interacting with "real people." The other excitement was getting elected as the new treasurer of my Toastmasters club. The other members got a real laugh when they learned they had elected a CPA into the role.

Even with the little glimpses of excitement, it's been a pretty dull week. Sorry for the correspondingly dull post. I hope everyone else is doing better in your own little residential worlds.

Cowboy cookies and sourdough loaf. 

Easter morning sourdough crepes. 

If you look closely you can see Cameron running down there. 

Daily morning workouts. 

The mall is a ghost town other than the couple of food stores and pharmacies. 

Elected as treasurer :) 

Learning new words like kajak and balon. 

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