Saturday, May 1, 2021

Busy Like a Bee

Spring has sprung in Krakow. The sunny days are gorgeous – full of flowers and laughing children, and this week I even wore my sandals out for the first time. Of course those nice days come with a price; we have rain in the forecast for the next two weeks straight. I've managed to get outside just about every day when it's nice out, but it's an effort. Just like the bees this time of year, I am busy busy busy!

"How's that even possible?" you ask. "Don't you get to do whatever you want whenever you want?" Well, kind of, but as we all know I am very bad at being a being a housewife, and for the past few months I have been low-key on my grind about picking up freelance work. Well, it's paid off! In April I reviewed a 11,000-word book, a 6,000-word prospective academic journal article, and I sent an invoice for 50 hours of work to a company in the US that I've started doing regular copy editing for. All of that, on top of a few CPE-heavy evenings has put me at 40+ hours a week of work. My poor van life plans haven't been touched since 6 April!

It's amazing how quickly I can become a workaholic again. I think having a "real job" for 20-25 hours a week will be perfect, so long as I actually keep it to only those hours. It would be all too easy for me to push that to 30+ hours, which would mean my personal projects start to get pushed further and further to the side, and I still don't have my full van life route planned out yet (although I've mapped out over 50% of the states so far, and after that's done I'll start to figure out where we can park the van and do laundry in each of our stops along the way). 

But because of "work" I haven't done anything particularly interesting the past few weeks. Next week Cameron and I should be able to sign up for vaccines (hurray!) and over the course of the month Poland should start opening up more and more. Maybe soon we will be walking around outside without masks and eating at restaurants again. We're even planning a little anniversary trip to the Bieszczady Mountains at the end of the month. 

Since I don't have any charming stories to share, I'll leave you with my newest favorite Polish word, even though it has virtually no connection with anything else I've written this week. Lod√≥wka turystychzna literally translates to "tourists refrigerator." Any guesses on what that is? A cooler! You know, like what you would take to the beach or camping. Well pretty soon, Cameron and I will be heavily reliant on our tourist refrigerator. 

Happy spring! Things are starting to bloom in Krakow: