Saturday, May 9, 2020

Start of Summer

The air is warm, the trees are lush, and most of the daffodils have gone to seed. Cameron is back on his training routine so I'm back to sheep-dogging for tens of miles each weekend. Today we found a new corner of Krakow, and some new lakes to boot.

Like all of the other water ways in this city, you aren't supposed to swim in these lakes, but that didn't stop at least one old guy from doggy paddling through the reeds. In fact, the primary demographic of lake attendees was pot-bellied men in the 60+ range. Some of them were set up on camp chairs and fishing poles, others were oiled up in speedos enjoying the sunny morning. As we moved towards the sandy beach, the median age got much younger, and turned mostly to young families with toddlers splashing with their beach buckets and shovels.

At least two lody (ice cream) shops were open, and another lody truck was getting set up. The boat club along the lake was setting up a dozen mini sailboats and it looked like a squad of kids were getting ready to set out for team practice. I would have so badly like to set down the bike, grab an ice cream, and rent a paddle boat, but Cameron had 16km to complete. I did convince him to take a snack break on one of the many rope hammock swings along the lake.

Tomorrow the adventures continue with a 32km run, likely along part of the Trail of Eagles Nests, a long bike trail that bypasses 25 castles, or check out some of the 200+ historic structures along the Wooden Architecture Route.  Running/biking is a great pace to see the world–fast enough to feel like you've gotten somewhere but slow enough to actually enjoy the views. Plus, we often find little secret trails and unexpected surprises you would never get to by car.

Running by our new-found lake. Zalew Bagry is only 8km away from our house. 

Three of the many hammocks along the grassy lake front. 

I'm sure on a Coronavirus-free weekend this dock would be packed. 

A few families enjoying the sun and sand. 

Kids setting up their sailboats. 

Taking a pause on a hammock swing. 

A second smaller lake with a lot less activity– just two fishermen on the far side. 

We took a random route and came across this little structure on top of a hill. 

A fun little trail to zoom down on the bike. 

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